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New: Laser Scanning with STIEFELMAYER

Proven Combination:
Stiefelmayer Mechanics - Nikon Scanner - PolyWorks® Software

STIEFELMAYER offers you a fully integrated solution for the optical measurement of your workpieces: 

  • Stiefelmayer CNC horizontal arm measuring machine - reliable, robust and variable. 
  • Nikon laser scanner - fully integrated, direct interface to Stiefelmayer controller and PolyWorks® software, various scanner types depending on the application. 
  • PolyWorks® - powerful and universal measuring software with excellent point cloud processing. (More information on PolyWorks software modules)
  • Optional supplement - tactile probing - for exact alignments and measuring of features with difficult access. 

You have an existing Stiefelmayer measuring plate? The combination Stiefelmayer - Nikon - Polyworks is also offered as a retrofit solution or addition to your existing equipment.


NIKON laser scanner - for all requirements 

  • LC60Dx: cost-effective single-line scanner for easy inspection tasks
  • L100: premium line scanner for very fast and highly accurate data collection 
  • XC65Dx: multi-laser cross scanner for excellent capturing of 3D features. 
  LC60Dx L100 XC65Dx
Scanning Speed 75.000 points / sec. 200.000 points / sec.

Cross scanner mode: 3x 25.000 points / sec.
Single scanner mode:: 1x 75.000 points / sec.
75 lines / sec.

Width of View 60 mm 100 mm 3x 65 mm
Probe Head compatibility PH10M, PHS and more PH10M, PHS and more PH10M, PHS and more


Further technical specifications for NIKON laser scanners


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