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Alignment Tool – Fast Alignment of Car Body Models in Design Studios

STIEFELMAYER developed an innovative calibration device
for design studios for the fast alignment of car body models
prior to the milling process.

The initial situation:

Car body models made of clay or rigid foam are usually built on a substructure.
Due to the above lying clay or foam model the reference points for the alignment are partially no longer accessible. This can lead to inaccurate alignment and dimensional deviations in the processed (milled) model.

The solution:

For this purpose, STIEFELMAYER developed a special calibration device which mainly consists of two components:

Ausricht-Tool: Referenzadapter und Kugelaufsatz

Reference-adapter: This adapter is mounted on the cube head of the
measuring machine with a specially developed mounting tool. It is then
permanently fixed to the substructure defining by that the position of the
adapter accurately.


Ball holding fixture: This holding fixture consists of a highly precise and very slim extension with special reference ball which is screwed outside of the vehicle onto the reference adapter.
This ball holding fixture measures the substructure in the portal milling machine and aligns the model computer-aided in an optimal way.

For the machining of the model, the ball holding fixture is no longer required and would be obstructive. It is therefore simply screwed off before starting the milling process.


Faster alignment of the model with clearly improved accuracy at the same time.
The alignment accuracy of our customers could be improved by factor 10 and resulted also in clearly better machining results at the car body models.


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