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Laser Scanning with STIEFELMAYER

Proven Combination:
Stiefelmayer Mechanics - Nikon Scanner - PolyWorks® Software

STIEFELMAYER offers you a fully integrated solution for the optical measurement of your workpieces: 

  • Stiefelmayer CNC horizontal arm measuring machine - reliable, robust and variable. 
  • Nikon laser scanner - fully integrated, direct interface to Stiefelmayer controller and PolyWorks® software, various scanner types depending on the application. 
  • PolyWorks® - powerful and universal measuring software with excellent point cloud processing. (More information on PolyWorks software modules)
  • Optional supplement - tactile probing - for exact alignments and measuring of features with difficult access. 

You have an existing Stiefelmayer measuring plate? The combination Stiefelmayer - Nikon - Polyworks is also offered as a retrofit solution or addition to your existing equipment.


NIKON laser scanner - for all requirements 

  • L100: premium line scanner for very fast and highly accurate data collection 
  • XC65Dx: multi-laser cross scanner for excellent capturing of 3D features. 
  L100 XC65Dx
Scanning Speed 200.000 points / sec.

Cross scanner mode: 3x 25.000 points / sec.
Single scanner mode:: 1x 75.000 points / sec.
75 lines / sec.

Width of View 100 mm 3x 65 mm
Probe Head compatibility PH10M, PHS and more PH10M, PHS and more


Further technical specifications for NIKON laser scanners


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