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VENTURA DESIGN Horizontal Arm Machine:
Marking. Measuring. Milling.

Beside inventiveness, imagination, experience and craftsmanship, the modelling and design process also requires an efficient technical equipment - to implement objectives quickly and to make ideas come true.

Thus, with VENTURA DESIGN we complement our well-proven manual measuring  and lay-out technology by a CNC milling option - in a single machine.

The VENTURA DESIGN features an exchangeable measuring head which is attached to the traversing arm and enables the quick change between measuring and milling operation.

If you do not want to make the decision for a combination machine with milling head yet, but want to keep the option open for the future – no problem.

In line with our concept of modular retrofitting we will equip you with a basic machine which you can have retrofitted as combination milling machine directly at your site at any time.

VENTURA DESIGN is available in the following versions:


This model features a motor-driven X-axis, while Y- and Z-axis are operated manually. VENTURA DESIGN XMOT can be retrofitted for milling operation directly at the customer’s site at any time.


All three axes are motor-driven/designed for CNC-operation. Additionally, the Y- and Z-axis each have disengageable drives to change over into manual operation at any time.

With its milling head MILL 20 the ALLROUND becomes a functional milling machine for clay processing.

With ALLROUND we are presenting you indeed the “allround“ solution. Measuring and marking-out in manual mode, CNC-measurement, CNC-milling – all this in one single machine with minimum changeover times.


Features at a Glance:

  • Milling head MILL 20 for 20 mm tool holding fixtures
  • Powerful on-board control unit
  • Coherent dirt protection concept
  • Wireless control panel HT 400
  • Electronic hand wheel for ergonomic operation of the motor-driven X-axis (option)
  • Adapted software concept ClayMILL/PowerINSPECT
VENTURA DESIGN - Gesamtansicht
VENTURA DESIGN - Gesamtansicht
kabelloses Bedienpult HT400
Stiefelmayer Messtechnik Ventura Design
Fräskopf MILL20 - manuell schwenkbar in 15° Schritten, flexibler Schutzschlauch für die Fräsbearbeitung
Stiefelmayer Messtechnik Ventura Design
blitzschnelles Umrüsten von Fräsen
Stiefelmayer Messtechnik Ventura Design
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Stiefelmayer Messtechnik Ventura Design
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Stiefelmayer Messtechnik Ventura Design


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