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Milling Made Easy

ClayMILL software is suitable for processing clay, foam and composites material. The software is used by design studios worldwide. ClayMILL provides common milling strategies (templates) by default and already parameterised.The software thus focuses on functions that are needed in the daily process.  This reduces the necessary training effort to a minimum. In the background, ClayMILL reverts to the extremely powerful milling software PowerMILL (also from Autodesk). 

ClayMILL consists of the following modules:

  • Milling, execution of NC programmes
  • Tool configurator: the administration and calibration of milling tools can be carried out directly on the CMM.
  • CAM: Setting-up NC programmes based on CAD data. 


Further Features: 

  • Easy programming by using the CAD-data set
  • Running of NC-programs from the data of random CAM modules
  • Software wizard for facilitating the calibration of milling tools and for the management of the tools in a database
  • Visualising functions for NC-programs
  • Common milling strategies available by default, e.g. raster milling, Z-constant for steep areas, residual material milling
  • Quick and simple selection of the areas to be processed
  • Various interfaces included (IGES, STEP, VDA, Autocad....) and further options (Catia, UG...) available


ClayMill also ncludes a free-of-charge license for Fusion 360. Fusion 360 is a collaborative, cloud-enabled 3D CAD, CAM and CAE software. Fusion 360 is a perfect tool that connects the entire product development process into a single CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based platform. 


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