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Stiefelmayer Service:
Strong Team, Trained Specialists

Our experienced and continuously trained service specialists support you in many ways to better benefit from your investment. Periodic service as inspection, maintenance and calibration makes sure that your measuring and layout machines work cost-effectively and without interruption.


Spare parts and service - reliable and rapidly available

Our aim is to be able to provide necessary spare parts for all our machine types. This is regardless of whether you have brand-new machine or if your machine has already been in operation for decades. 

Not only the spare part, but also the installation and further services ensure stability and reliability of your machine in the long run. Our focus lies on a wide qualification of our service experts independently if on-site or in office. Our on-site service is at your disposal nearly all time, and our spare parts are on stock in Denkendorf in most cases.


Preventive, planned and calculable - Stiefelmayer maintenance contracts 

Year-round monitoring of measuring equipment enables process security and plannability. Our professional maintenace captures all relvant aspects of your measuring machine. 


Service offered by Stiefelmayer stands for short lead time and quick delivery of  spare parts. Modernisations and upgrades bring your measuring equipment “up to date”.
Depending on the configuration, we offer our services not only for Stiefelmayer machines, but also for other brands (for example Stenzel).  


Flexibility in relocation and retrofitting

  • Stable and durable mechanics of Stiefelmayer machines allow various options: 
  • Retrofitting to modern electrical system
  • Software updates and updates of control units
  • Expansion to further applications like scanning or milling
  • Upgrade to CNC mode (for machines since 2005)
  • Combination of relocation and maintenance calibration
  • Modifications with year of manufacture 1980 or younger

Depending on the equipment, we offer service not only for Stiefelmayer equipment, but also for equipment from other manufacturers (e.g. Stenzel).


Sustainable precise by factory or DAkkS calibration

Our calibration service in in accordance with international standards. Calibration can be realized according to DAkkS standard or as factory calibration. This leads to advantages in time and costs. Identified deviations (measure / machine) may be corrected in course of the same intervention avoiding additional travelling in most cases. 


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