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EASY Line - simple, fast and effective

Hand-guided measurements have always guaranteed a very fast inspection and a high degree of flexibility, in particular for single parts and prototypes. 

With the help of new digital opportunities, the previous disadvantages of manual measurement, e.g. in the area of reporting, are no longer an issue. Our new iPad application EASY Line  ensures full mobile visualisation and easy handling of data.

EASY line clearly illustrates the set-up and the measuring operation  - thus knowledge can be shared within the team. 


* The measurement readout has never been so close to the operator!  Wireless visualisation on iPad - fully mobile and always available wherever the user needs it.

* The iPad can be wirelessly connected to all coordinate measuring machines within Bluetooth reach. As an alternative the solution can also be used in offline mode.

* Clear 3 axes display with extended functionality 

* Reset and preset function, shrink measure, individual model scales, flexible axis assignment, change of counting direction

* Compensation functions: Linear correction, tilt correction, support positions

* Comprehensive and clear recording of measuring parameters and measuring results

* Used extensions can be included in the calculation.

* Advanced project management: Setting values, descriptions, pictures, comments can be stored in the project file.

* EASY Line's one-touch function allows the user to switch between accessible measuring machines at any time. This means that one EASY line application can be used for several machines.

* Data output formats MZ1060 and WPZ55 ensure the connection to the most common inspection software solutions.

* Two RS-232 interfaces allow the direct switch-over between EASY Line and inspection software

 * Comfortable handling: The iPAD can be placed on a stand or can be carried along with a hand strap.


The solution is purely offline by standard. WLAN in the intranet only possible as an option if required. Devices are not equipped with LTE modules.