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Measuring Counter MZ 2000:
For Manual 3D Coordinate Measuring Machines 

Der MZ 2000 is an easy-to-use and well readable three axis display for manual measuring and marking-out machines. 

When used as a retrofit kit the measuring counter is delivered with adapter cable, power and data cablee as well as mounting accessories.

Option: Rechargeable Battery for MZ 2000

As an option we offer a 24 Volt rechargeable battery solution for the measuring counter MZ 2000. This allows the operation of the CMM without any bothering cables.

Further Features: 

  • 3-axis LCD display, clearly readable, insusceptible membrane keyboard
  • Adjustable axis designation, decimal places, and plus/minus sign
  • Input and storage of workpiece reference points for simultaneous handling of several projects
  • Integrated touch buzzer

Special Functions:

  • Reset- and preset input
  • Reference function
  • Fading rate function
  • Model scales individually adjustable
  • Change of axis allocation and counting direction at will

Correction Possibilities:

  • Support positions
  • Linear correction
  • Tilt correction


  • Data export in MZ 1060 format
  • Connection possibility for 3D probes (e.g. Renishaw probes)
  • RS 232 interface for data transmission to PC with inspection software (e.g. PowerInspect, Polywoks, Zeiss, metromec and many more)


NEW: Measuring Counter "DECOUNTER"

Cost-saving and compact alternative to our measuring counter MZ 2000 for cases when inspection is exclusively done with a manual measuring software. The DECOUNTER does not include a LCD display, all other functions and data interfaces  are identical to the measuring counter MZ 2000. 


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