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Perfect Performance for Efficient Solutions

VENTURA-CNC horizontal arm measuring machines are “workaholics” and perfectly fitted for permanent use under toughest working conditions.

Only permanent use guarantees efficiency and productivity – and ensures a profitable return of investment.

All axes are driven by high-capacity DC drives and gear units free of play. The machine guiding system is separated from the axes drive system. Negative impacts on the machine geometry caused by the drives can thus be largely avoided.

VENTURA CNC is equipped with a modern CNC control combined with a cordless user panel on radio basis.


Quality Features:

  • High-quality machine construction
  • Measuring with joystick or in CNC mode
  • Top-quality machine components
  • high mechanical basic accuracy

Equipment and Extensions:

  • Funk-Bedienpult
  • Up to date controller unit
  • Modularly expandable measuring range

VENTURA CNC is available in several versions:

  • VENTURA CNC: CNC mode in X, Y and Z axis
  • VENTURA ALLROUND: X, Y and Z axes CNC/motorised. Additionally the Y and Z axis are equipped with disengageable drives and can thus be used in manual mode without limitation.   


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