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Perfect Performance for Efficient Solutions


Our flush-with-floor system VENTURA CNC is perfectly fitted for permanent use under tough working conditions. Only permanent use guarantees efficiency and productivity – and ensures a profitable return of investment.

The VENTURA machines are r

All axes are driven by high-capacity DC drives and gear units free of play. 

The Y and Z axis of the VENTURA machines are equipped with disengageable drives and can thus be switched to pure manual mode with handwheels. This allows fast and easy manual measurement and marking-out of workpieces at any time.



  • Measurement of large single parts
  • Recurring series measurement tasks
  • Check of measurement at fixtures
  • Precise inspection tasks
  • Combination of tactile measurement and scanning
    by usage of automatic tool change
  • Layout tasks


Advantages: : 

  • High-quality machine construction

  • Mode can be switched between CNC and pure manual mode (hand wheels)

  • Smooth running axis, also in manual mode

  • Duplex possible

  • High mechanical basic accuracy

  • Many upgrade and retrofit options


Measuring plate: 

  • Flush-with-floor measuring plate.
  • Accessible by foot and vehicle
  • integrated and covered guide and measuring system in X


Maximum measuring range:

  • X axis: Unlimited 

  • Y axis: 2000 mm (2500 mm for layout machines)

  • Z axis: 3000 mm


Basic equipment: 

  • Cordless radio panel
  • Modern CNC control unit, accommodated in the footplate
    (no separate control cabinet necessary) 



  • Modularly expandable measuring range
  • Many accessory and equipment options



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